Is bleeding gums when flossing normal?

Is having gum bleeding after flossing enough reason to go to the dentist?

The flossing step is one of the most important in the oral hygiene routine. He is responsible for assisting in removing the bacterial plate and the remains of food that the brush does not reach. In this way, cleaning is enhanced, preventing a series of problems in the oral cavity.

Some people notice a bleed in the gum when flossing, this is a warning that something is not right in oral health.

It could be an indication of poor hygiene.

Bleeding gums from flossing are not normal. The condition could be a sign of some injury or inflammation in the gum tissues.

This condition is related to inadequate oral hygiene, which favors the formation of plaque and tartar. Therefore, flossing is essential and cannot be interrupted at any time. If you don’t like regular floss, try to use Water Flossing, it’s easier and hurts a lot less than regular floss.

Usually, an inflamed gum shows signs before you even floss. Often, they bleed without even touching them. Therefore, it is not always the hygienic product that is causing the bleeding.

Untreated inflammation can result in tooth loss

Gingivitis is a serious inflammation that can spread to other tissues in the mouth. When left untreated, it can evolve into periodontitis, a bacterial infection that affects the structures that support the teeth.

When noticing any different sign in the gum, such as swelling or redness, look for a dentist to assess the possible cause and indicate the appropriate treatments for your case.