How School ERP Changes Educational Experience?

Today, no sector remains untouched by the use of technology, from hospitality to finance every sector uses some kind of software and technology. So, how could the educational sector remain behind? Nowadays, schools and educational institutes are using software like student information management system to teach students and manage the school.

School ERP is a software system that works to make school management tasks easier for teachers and administrators. It does all the tasks from attendance management to communicating, from storing student data to scoring thor marks, school ERP system does it all. 

However, what you need to know more about is how it changes the educational experience for students. In this article, you will get informed about this so read the article till the end.

24*7 Access to Information: The school ERP system gives 24*7 access to information to students. Using ERP students can sign in and get any information related to school anytime, from the latest notification for upcoming tests to changes in timetable everything will be there. This gives students time to be prepared beforehand.

Generates Student IDs Automatically: The school management system has an admission module, which stores all the admission-related data. Once all the admission-related formalities are completed, the ERP system will automatically generate the student IDs. Now using this ID students can mark attendance, log in to school LMS, educational webinars, etc. This makes it much easier for students to have any kind of educational information.

Centralized Repository System: One of the most time-consuming tasks that students need to do is making notes, writing every single word in notebooks, and then learning. This wastes their precious time that they could have utilized to gain more information. Not only this, the physical copies of notes often get lost and mixed up; however, if students get digital notes it will make learning easier. Teachers can share notes online on the website of the online-class board, from where students can download notes and learn anytime they want. This saves their time and effort.

Encourages Student-Teacher Collaboration: What’s better for students to learn in the direct sunlight of a teacher’s guidance? The traditional classroom learning setup doesn’t provide much time for a learning experience like student-teacher collaboration. However, in online learning, it can be possible. Using online learning and collaboration tools teachers and students can work together to learn, teach and gain new knowledge and experiences. This will not only make learning fun but also give teachers and students a chance to bond.

Don’t Miss Any Lectures: Missed an important lecture, don’t worry just log into the school ERP system and watch the recorded video of the lecture. This learning feature not only helps the students in case of emergency but also helps with revision during the exam. 

Provides Learning Flexibility: Over the past few years, the way of teaching and learning has evolved a lot. Today the classroom is not the only place to gain knowledge and experience, online and hybrid learning methods have emerged as the preferred way of learning. The use of LMS, live-online classes, and recorded lectures make it happen for students to learn from anywhere and at any time. It provides time and places flexibility, giving them the choice to learn in the environment that suits them best.

Records Real-Time Attendance: Recording accurate attendance is one of the teacher’s responsibilities. But now even students can do it themselves, while recording the student information in the student admission management software ERP creates attendance sheets of students integrated with the attendance system of ERP, which is connected with the student’s IDs. This way whenever students log into online lessons or enter school premises their attendance will be marked using their student IDs or biometrics.  

Get Digital Report Card: Learning and gaining experience is crucial, however, what’s more, important is knowing the result, and feedback on the efforts made. Students need to be informed about their learning progress, using the report analytics feature of ERP teachers can create digital report cards for students. They can customize it as per their choice, choosing from various templates to highlight how they want to show a student’s progress, and giving feedback.